• How Cloud Computing Can Improve Your Website
    How Cloud Computing Can Improve Your Website

Automation & DevOps

Automation & DevOps

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Iono Automation and Integration solution increases the velocity of workload delivery and robustness of such delivery while maintaining the compliance, governance and security models defined by the enterprise. Iono solution works with existing DevOps workflows already in place, integrating with Iono’s pre-built workflows, bridging any gaps with custom built tools, or custom workflows. The workflows may be reused for different environments thus driving value in the investment. Additionally, automation eliminates human errors and drives down the opex, allowing enterprise to focus on product development.

Key Benefits

Effective – Automation and Integration bring efficiencies at any level, regardless of size of the organization, size of development and Ops team.
Reduces Errors – Improve time to market with improved deployment and QA cycles
Reduces Costs – Re-use and re-purpose workflows development for multi environments
Enforces Policy – Allows creation of business-relevant policies that start with development and end in Ops
Flexible – Allows deployment on premises in the cloud or in hybrid environments
Efficient – Improves IT operations increasing productivity while lowering both Opex and Capex to the organization.
Simple – to develop, to operate, and scales with no additional effort.