You don’t need a secondary DR site or complex configuration/management/expenses for the secondary site. Protect your on-premise VMware environment to VMware Cloud on AWS.

  • Downtime reduction – Minimize downtime with 5-minute RPO replication and ready-to-go cloud infrastructure.
  • One click failover – Automate and orchestrate failover to the cloud from on-premises datacenters or other cloud availability zones in the event of a disaster.
  • Non-disruptive testing – Easily conduct frequent, non-disruptive testing to ensure DR plans will work as expected when you need them most.

Why DRaaS to VMware Cloud on AWS

  • Reduce secondary site costs – Lower costs with cloud-managed infrastructure and only pay for what you use with granular, on-demand cloud pricing. You no longer need to design, deploy, and maintain a secondary on-premises DR site. You can now protect up to 1000 VMs to a single SDDC.
  • Accelerate time to protection – Implement Disaster Recovery in a day with familiar tools and the same operating environment from on-premise to the public cloud.
  • Simplify Disaster Recovery operations – Streamline operations with automated failover, failback, and simplify ongoing maintenance and non-disruptive testing. With Elastic DRS, after a failover occurs, more servers are spun up if needed and spun down if not needed.
  • Reduce risk – VMware Cloud on AWS is built on reliable AWS infrastructure. Using VMware solution that is similar to their on-premise environment does not require refactoring VMs, reformatting files, or learning a new hypervisor.

At VMworld Europe 2018, VMware announced an upcoming price promotion, providing the VMware Site Recovery add-on for free to protect up to 200 VMs.

Iono can help the customer with the planning, assessment, pilot, and implementation of this solution.

DR to VMware Cloud on AWS – customers don’t need a secondary DR site or complex configuration/mgmt/expenses. They can protect their on-prem VMware environment to VMware Cloud on AWS.


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