The Health Check (also delivered as a Service subscription) is ideal for customers who want to:

  • Perform a proactive, diagnostic Health Check to maintain a highly optimized and top performing VMware environment
  • Identify configuration changes to improve the performance or address operational challenges
  • Upgrade or expand a current production VMware environment
  • Validate a VMware environment in preparation for an audit or a review

The new Director of IT for this small non-profit organization was faced with some immediate challenges. His organization had been using a 3rd-party managed provider for managing their desktops and network. This provider had implemented VMware virtualization and Horizon virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) but the users were constantly complaining about performance and availability issues. The Director needed a quick independent assessment of their current environment with actionable recommendations – so that he could get the 3rd party provider to remediate and fix the environment or look for another provider. Iono reviewed the VMware infrastructure and provided a detailed and actionable report to address the design and configuration issues – in order to improve the overall availability, performance, and manageability of the environment. The Director has now signed up for a periodic Health Check as a Service to ensure that the VMware infrastructure remains aligned to recommended practices and operating efficiently.