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Are you new to cloud storage and don't know how to pick between the many options? When choosing a cloud service partner, one size definitely does not suit all. The two main criteria for selecting a cloud service provider are functionality and security. Use this simple process to understand what type of functionality and security works best for your organization's data storage needs:

Prepare A Cloud Storage Roadmap Based On Your Needs

Assess your current and future data storage needs and outline the desirable cloud service features in a roadmap before meeting with vendors. The basic questions you need to ask within your organization are:
  • How much cloud space is required and how is data currently stored?
  • Does the cloud service provider support the type of data you use the most - videos, raw images, medical transcriptions?
  • Is the storage sufficient for the performance requirement of the applications you intend to migrate to cloud?
  • What type of cloud platform supports the functionality, interoperability, and performance required in your organization?
[caption id="attachment_263" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Two Basic Steps To Help You Choose The Right Cloud Service Two Basic Steps To Help You Choose The Right Cloud Service[/caption]

Conduct A Risk Assessment Before Selecting A Cloud Service Provider

Does the cloud service provider have the right security protocols? Enquire about the location of the provider's data center and their security procedures in case of a breach. Ask about the cloud service provider's secure login and authentication process to prevent security breaches. If your organization handles confidential information, ensure your cloud service provider is compliant with the security regulations for your industry. Every organization has a unique set of data storage needs. Perform the due diligence by asking these basic questions to ensure your cloud service provider is the right fit for your needs. To ask us these questions and find out about the functionality and security of our solution, contact us.

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