Iono’s IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) improves staff productivity, isolates root cause, shows only alerts that matter reducing false positives.

Iono ITOA architecture is built on massively scalable big data platform, advanced machine learning algorithms, crowdsourced and built-in domain knowledge to provide a unique, reliable and scalable solution for hybrid cloud environments.

Iono ITOA self-learns in real-time sets dynamic thresholds through behavioral analysis, differentiates inconsequential anomalies and real performance problems, instantly diagnoses past, present and predicts issues and provides actionable recommendations.

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Key Benefits

Reduce alarm storms – Iono ITOA reduces alarms by 99%, improving productivity by reducing operational staff fatigue.

Faster MTTR – Iono ITOA significantly reduces the time needed to diagnose and isolate the root cause of an incident and helps avoid war rooms and finger pointing in the process.

Maintain SLAs – Iono ITOA provides deep insights into issues in the environment, and actionable recommendations to prevent application performance degradations.

Prevent Outages – Iono ITOA predictive analytics provides warning signals before they result in major outage and disruption in your applications.

Flexible – Allows deployment on premises in the cloud or in hybrid environments.

Efficient – Improves IT Ops team productivity while lowering both operations and capital to the organization.

Deployment – Simple to deploy, to operate, and scales with no additional effort.