Iono Security and Threat Management solution now empowers IT to secure the delivery of applications, processes, and custom services while improving overall IT efficiency.

Intelligent threat detection and policy-based connectivity governance assure that multi-vendor, multi-cloud services are delivered securely.

Real-time threat detection allows threats to be detected and contained quickly, thus, decreasing the risk to your organization.


Key Benefits

Effective – Secures your organization from any type of threat, from traditional DDoS, malware, advanced persistent threats, compromised credentials, and insider threats.

Reduces Risk – Detects threats in minutes, bringing to the top those threats, which are most critical to immediately contain.

Reduces Cost – Lowers the cost of risk to the organization.

Enforces Policy – Allows creation of business-relevant policies as to what groups of users, devices and applications can intercommunicate amongst themselves and with whom in the outside world.

Flexible – Allows deployment on premises in the cloud or in hybrid environments.

Efficient – Improves IT and Security teams’ productivity while lowering both operations and capital to the organization.

Simple – to deploy, to operate and scales with no additional effort.

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